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Kathryn & Lyle Wallentine
Squaw Lake, MN. 56681

Come on up north
where the snow is deep white and fluffy
  and hot chocolate is always on the stove!

Minnesota's best cross country ski lodge.
Ladies ski event
Please Ask about ice skating conditions.
Minnesota lakes skating / winter activities

 Snowshoe, ice skate, spear fishing, ice fishing, whatever your choice we have what your looking for!

 Snowshoeing in the north woods aka right outside our doors, venture off on acres of trails and woods.  Bring along your camera for wildlife photographing

Ski & snowshoe rentals / $15. per day.

Snowmobile Squaw lake Mn

Snowmobile trails... this area is rich with trails in every direction of the Chippewa National Forest.   Break our back woods trails or travel thru to groomed Avenue of Pines trails that lead to several other groomed trails.
Snowmobile Rentals/ Rapid Rental & Supply
Grand Rapids, 218-326-0397 800-542-0036

Ice skating / please ask about the conditions.

My Lake Home and Tree House

Winter in Heaven

The My Lake Home Cross Country Ski Trails

  My lake Home Ski trails travel thru hardwood forests of red and white pines, winding thru frozen wetlands of cedars where viewing the lake is magnificent.  There are a few easy and short side hills where Aspen and Birch preside. The varied terrain makes skiing enjoyable for the beginner, intermediate and experienced skier.   Our trails are very private, very scenic and right outside our doors. 
  Maps available.

Beginners like our Loon Lady trail that runs clockwise just inside the forest line off the lake then swings back to The Ole Inn trail which leads guests back to the Inn.

Intermediates have several options, most like to follow the Lower Pigeon trail which cuts by the cedars.  Keep your eyes peeled and you'll see lots of deer tracks and maybe even spot one. This trail leads you right to Sams trail and up to the Middle Pigeon trail, from there you have 3 options. Intermediates usually take the Avenue of Pines trail where we usually see wolf sign so watch for tracks, they are very illusive so chances are you will never see them. From there you can head back to the Lower Pigeon trail, beware of the butt bouncer hill on your way back to Ole Inn.

Advanced skiers will follow the outside loop from Ole Inn thru Loon Lady then the straight away to the Eagles Nest trail which skirts around a cut area with natural hills and winding trails.  Keep your eyes peeled for eagles in late winter as you pass directly below the nest. This trail leads you out of the back country and back to Middle pigeon trail.  Expert skiers will continue down the Middle with its hills and huge Pines to the Lady slippery trail that starts on a slight hill and has a long straight away thru thick forest toward the lake, here we often get spooked by a fleeing grouse. The trail then splits to head back to ole inn or swings back up hill to the Avenue of Pines which splits into two directions.  From there you can ski along the whole north end of the lake or loop back around off Ole inn and head back to a warm fire and hot chocolate.

This is such a great ski area, I felt like I was the only person on earth out there! Jack Mason

Have ski trails to yourself



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