My Lake Home! 
Kathryn & Lyle Wallentine
Squaw Lake, MN. 56681


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My Lake Home and Tree House
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ski trails in the Chippewa National Forest
Our ski trails have a fantastic base for this time of year. They have been groomed twice so far and are in perfect condition.  5 K of perfectly groomed ski trails in the Chippewa national Forest. Come Check out the MY Lake Home Ski trails and Lodging.

Winter guests
Our winter guests have been real troopers coming to stay with us despite the negative temperatures.  Our heated floors are turned up and fireplaces are blazing.  No one has been really doing any outdoor activities except myself trying to move all this snow by myself. The pool table, chess table and video library along with a few massages and a lot of relaxing and reading have been the main activities.  Looking forward to the warm up and getting out on the ski trails.

Snow Snow & More Snow
So Ski, Snowshoe and snowmobile.  Well we missed out on skating this year as my knee and early snow and lots of it is on the lake.  This week has been a challenge for the gal who tries to do it all.  I have been moving snow all week and still don't have it all cleaned up.  I broke my plow and have new equipment on order so me and a shovel have been busy all week.  This weekend we will be getting the ski trails groomed and ready for our Christmas guests.  I  love it when the trails are all groomed and ready, it's like a magnet to me.  Even though my surgery is over and 3 months have passed my knee still is bothering me, but I have a feeling that will all change once I can get out on the trails. Hope to see you out there!

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Lyle and Kathryn owned and operated a Minnesota Resort for 11 years prior to building this unique home.  Together they designed, built and created all the unique features in this exquisite round home built in 2007.  They added the tree house in the spring of 2015.
This area is important to them as Kathryn grew up in these woods and so did her father and grandfather.

 Lyle owns a cabinet and construction Business.
 Living in the Chippewa is a dream come true as both enjoy the lake and woods and all the activities they provide.  Both love to hunt & fish and take pride in the home and property.  Kathryn has a variety of gardens and really loves the out doors and tending to them.  Another passion is caring for and grooming the ski trails, it takes a lot of hard work but is well worth the time spent.  If the temperature is above 0 Kathryn can be found on her ski trails everyday in the winter. Caring for every aspect of the property is what drives her and puts her in her element.