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Wow Warm-up
It certainly warmed up this week in the northland.  Yesterday we went out with no jackets.  The snow is dwindling but still no sign of grass, just muddy roads.  Take advantage of this blog special I call the Muddy Road Special.  If you drive a truck and book a room in April 2013 the price on either of my theme rooms is $89.00 but you have to mention this blog special to get the price when booking.  Key word "MUD' Can't wait to see you driving in  here in that dirty truck!

More Eagle Pictures
Check out , share and Like My facebook page to see more Eagle Photographs and don't forget to take advantage of the discount on rooms while your there.

Skiing and Eagles
I just can't express the awe I feel when I'm out on my ski trails and get to see such amazing things.  Normally when an eagle sees you it flies away and keeps on going.  The past couple days I notice the eagles would circle back and kept landing in the tree with the nest.  My husband said he thought it was way too early for nesting but I was sure he was wrong.  I have been staying off the eagles nest trail as I don't want to scare them off.  That trail goes right under the nest.  Yesterday I went out to Sams trail, there is a good view of the nest from about 200 yards and its canopied with young red and white pines.  I got positioned with my camera and started photographing with my zoom lens.  It's not easy zooming in on a flying eagle but I managed to get some amazing photos.  So check out my skiing page to see them. Oh and yes the eagles are nesting!

The Never Ending Winter
Why is everyone so grumbly about the snow that just keeps on falling and falling and falling?!  I think it's great, we had a slow start to winter 2 years in a row, it's catch up time.  This is the best time of year to ski anyway.  Most days it is warm and fairly sunny so why not take advantage of what the good Lord gave us and get out there and have some fun! Mention this blog and get your room for $10. off, that's $94. for the Wilderness room mid week.

Skiing as the sun goes down
Last night after dinner the blue sky and orange sunset moved us out to the ski trails for an early evening ski.  It was a little brisk out but the trails were great and the woods were gorgeous.  We did a 2 mile trek around the Loon trail onto Sams trail and down the Middle Pigeon trail to the Avenue of Pines, then back down the Lower Pigeon trail to the Ole Inn trail & back home at dark.

AHHH Spring Skiing
This is that time of year that can make or break ski trails.  Well so far so good. The warm weather came for a while and we brought the groomer back home then more snow and more snow. Grooming has been a ton of back breaking work this year and I can't say how many times I was stuck and digging out there by myself.  It's all worth it though when you strap on your skis and get out there.  Now the trails are the best they have ever been.   Most of the trails have a 15 inch base and are groomed as perfectly as ever.  It's heaven on earth! So true since the Lord walks & ski with me!

1st snow then warmth & sun
Our ski trails had about a 12 inch base 2 weeks ago but the sun and the warm weather has beat them down to about an 8 inch base.  That still proves for great spring skiing!  We re groomed the trails and skiing in this warm weather is awesome!

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Lyle and Kathryn owned and operated a Minnesota Resort for 11 years prior to building this unique home.  Together they designed, built and created all the unique features in this exquisite round home built in 2007.  They added the tree house in the spring of 2015.
This area is important to them as Kathryn grew up in these woods and so did her father and grandfather.

 Lyle owns a cabinet and construction Business.
 Living in the Chippewa is a dream come true as both enjoy the lake and woods and all the activities they provide.  Both love to hunt & fish and take pride in the home and property.  Kathryn has a variety of gardens and really loves the out doors and tending to them.  Another passion is caring for and grooming the ski trails, it takes a lot of hard work but is well worth the time spent.  If the temperature is above 0 Kathryn can be found on her ski trails everyday in the winter. Caring for every aspect of the property is what drives her and puts her in her element.