My Lake Home! 
Kathryn & Lyle Wallentine
Squaw Lake, MN. 56681


B&B by the lake

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My Lake Home Bed Breakfast and Tree House
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snow finally
We finally got a little fresh snow on the trails so they are much better than they were last week.   Our last guests enjoyed the trails even when they were at the their worst.  Yah I have to admit it is a wonderful place to be, I guess thats why I'm out there so much. 

Busy weekend on the trails

This was the busiest weekend our ski trails have ever seen and wouldn't you know this is the worst condition they have been in all winter.  Skiing during the 55 degree temps just really reaked havoc on them, when the freeze up came.  We need some snow.


Romance is in the air.
The inn is glowing with love this month as lovers come for a romantic few days of cuddling by the fire, skiing and relaxation.  The weather has been great for those who like to be outside.  The birds have been making a great show and telling us we'll be having an early spring.  We are enjoying night skiing all week as the skies are clear and the moon is full.

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IN THE HOSPITALITY AND RESTAURANT BUSINESS FOR 40 YEARS. Lyle and Kathryn owned and operated a Minnesota Resort for 11 years prior to building the B&B.  Together they designed, built and created all the unique features in this exquisite round home built in 2007.  They added the tree house in the spring of 2015. This area is important to them as Kathryn grew up in these woods and so did her father and grandfather.
The B&B is Kathryn's baby and with her history in the restaurant and catering business she is a wiz in the kitchen.

 Lyle owns a cabinet and construction Business.
 Living in the Chippewa is a dream come true as both enjoy the lake and woods and all the activities they provide.  Both love to hunt & fish and take pride in the home and property.  Kathryn has expanded her gardens and really likes providing fresh organic vegetables and fruits to guests and family.  Another passion is caring for and grooming the ski trails, it takes a lot of hard work but is well worth the time spent.  If the temperature is above 0 Kathryn can be found on her ski trails everyday in the winter. Caring for every aspect of the B&B is what drives her and puts her in her element. 

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