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My Lake Home and Tree House
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Bear season opens tomorrow.  This year has been one thing after another.  Ny hot spot was logged out so I set up another not so far out, but someone drove all over in my baiting area with a 4 wheeler (this is a non motorized spot) and contaminated my bait.  I have a much better spot now and here just one of the bears that are feeding there.  Tha darker picture shows a sow with a yearling cub.


O boy, the problem with eggs!  I wonder what my guests think of my over cooked eggs this week.  I have been basting them well to make sure no one will get sick.  Speaking of sick 'that's what the eggs look like'.  Yesterday I went all over Bemidji and couldn't even buy an egg anywhere.  A mysterious dozen showed up in my fridge last night, I guess my husband found some. 

Guest from Mpls

We have been enjoying guest from all over this summer, other states, Canada, and the good old Twin Cities.  My current guests have been here most of the past week.  They have been running here and there checking out all the history in the area.  Some of the places they visited include scenic state park, The lost 40, the CCC camp, Cut Foot ranger station, Turtle Mound, Boulder Hill and lots more.  I don't want to be too nosey!  I am enjoying serving meals to my guests over and above breakfast.  I also can see that my guests are very comfortable here as they come to breakfast wearing the plush robes I provide.  Life on the lake, isn't it grand!


This morning while riding my bike my usual 7 miles I saw 9 deer, a covey of grouse and a timberwolf.  Not to mention the big bad wolf herself diguised as an ugly crabbie old lady. I waved at her and she scowled at me, I think she wanted to eat me!  Later, while I was doing some canning I looked out the front window at the lake and the beautiful views we have and noticed another covey of grouse in my yard. WOW! ( wonder of wildlife)

The Lost 40
If you have never been there times a wastin.  It's a beautiful place in the woods and there aren't as many trees as there used to be.  At least not the 300 year old trees, storms and lots of high winds in this area is taking more of them down.  So if you have not seen this place you should go soon before all the 300 year old trees are gone.

We are having a busy summer here at My Lake Home.

I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the amount of guests I have had this summer and the main thing is the guests leave feeling rejuvinated and stress free.  With many compliments being thrown in our direction, it's a great feeling to know that this many people like what I have done here.  CoolIt's been a great summer and I feel like I have been successful. 


Wildlife on the Bike Ride
Each morning I ride my bike 7 miles, and I have seen many creatures and here is my up to date list.  I almost always see from 2- 13 deer, it's especially fun to see the cute little fawns and how they react to this strange being on wheels.  I have seen on a regular basis an otter who always seems to be watching for me as I watch for him.  I have seen one bear and one cougar, hawks, owls, eagles and loons and lets not forget the timid fox who I have seen several times. What I have never seen is another person.

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Lyle and Kathryn owned and operated a Minnesota Resort for 11 years prior to building this unique home.  Together they designed, built and created all the unique features in this exquisite round home built in 2007.  They added the tree house in the spring of 2015.
This area is important to them as Kathryn grew up in these woods and so did her father and grandfather.

 Lyle owns a cabinet and construction Business.
 Living in the Chippewa is a dream come true as both enjoy the lake and woods and all the activities they provide.  Both love to hunt & fish and take pride in the home and property.  Kathryn has a variety of gardens and really loves the out doors and tending to them.  Another passion is caring for and grooming the ski trails, it takes a lot of hard work but is well worth the time spent.  If the temperature is above 0 Kathryn can be found on her ski trails everyday in the winter. Caring for every aspect of the property is what drives her and puts her in her element.