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My Lake Home and Tree House
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A little rain.
This week we got a little rain and things have really begun to green up.  The Tamarcks, Birch & Popple are all awake and glowing green.  There are flowers blooming in the woods and the birds are back.  We are being visited by several species that don't normally stick around for summer.

flip-flops & bikini's
Flip-flops & bikini's before May, I 've done it all now!  Usually the ice isn't off the lake yet & I have already been on the boat with yes flip-flops & a bikini.  It was 75 here yesterday and we are enjoying every bit of it.   I saw flowers blooming in the woods yesterday! I am way ahead of schedule on my yard work and beginning to do some re-organizing in the garden. 

Eagles in the nest

April nesting eagleeaglwalkonair.JPGWe put the pontoon in and did a cruise around the lake.  I had my zoom lens on my camera and its great I did because I got some amazing photos of the eagle.  She was in the nest with her head sticking out, then she flew out & landed in clear view on a branch, then back to the nest.  I got several amazing pictures.  She is clearly nesting because she never got far from the nest.  I also got pictures of  3 loons.  See other photos on birding & home page.



I have my beach all cleaned up and ready for summer fun.  I added stairs, more lounge chairs and we have moved the dock more in the middle.  The lake is very low so we have a lot of sand for building castles!  I found a great place to put all my sea shells I have collected through the years and will be planting a spill garden facing the lake.


Deer River
A day in Deer River MN.  I am a member of WOW ( women of the woods)  We had an outing in Deer River yesterday and WOW did we have fun!  This small town is only 33 miles from the inn and offers quite a bit of fun shopping.  We started our day with a visit to the quilt shop and hospital gift shop, then off to lunch at Sportsmans.  What must those other diners thought with 30 some women chatting and laughing.  We checked out the Cinderella's closet which I thought was very over priced for used clothing and didn't get to see the other thrift store as they had an open sign on the door but were not there all day.  We all really enjoyed Surplus North, then checked out the flower shop which has a lot of gift items and up north crafts.  We cruised through the drug store and made our way over to another $ type store ( I didn't catch the name) and then the grand finally The General store.  They put on a good spread for us with snacks and beverages, we were impressed.  Beiers Greenhouse was there and gave us a planting class and we all received a gift bag.  All of these stores provide good shopping and there are also 2 other restaurants and a casino so checkit out some time.

Floating dock
Well we got our hands on this old floating dock and put it in the water to see if it will float.  Yes it's a keeper, but we pulled it back out cause it needs some work.  I plan to spiff it up with carpeting, a new ladder and a very colorful and fun paint job.  I am currently busy with a new set of stairs going down to the lake in which I am building with pavers, (just like the other ones).  As soon as the stairs are done I will then do some re-seeding as we just ground out about 60 stumps.  After that I will put on my artist face and get busy on that raft.  I figure I have plenty of time seeing it's only April.

St Matthews Riverside Blog
My traffic has shown several visits from this site for the past year.  Last month 13 visitors came in directly from this blog site.  I enjoy going in and looking at the site because it is a very uplifting site, but I have no idea how they are linked to my site.  This church is located in Missouri and it  surely has my curiousity up.  The blog does not have any outside advertising either.  Today I posted a message on it to see if I get a response?

Summer Bookings
The phone is really starting to ring for our 2010 summer season.  Book two nights or more and mention that you read the blog and receive a twenty dollar discount on your total. This offer is not good with any other offers or coupons.

What a glorious day!  We attend church in Bemidji where we can hear our daughters beautiful voice every Sunday.  She is the director at First Luthern and we can attend a Sunday service with some very uplifting themes.  We had brunch at the Green Mill afterwards and our daughter Karissa accompanied us back home for a lovely day in the sunCool and warm weather.  We put the dock in and finished cleaning up the mess from the 5 trees we cut down the night before.  Had a nice camp fire and a late night chicken and dumpling dinner, watched movies and just enjoyed family time.

Ice Out
Yesterday most of the north end of the lake was still iced over and we got up this morning and the ice was gone.  Summers coming and we're enjoying all the swans, geese and ducks on the lake.  We have a Merganzer in one of our wood duck boxes. 

We're back
Back from our trip to Riviera Maya, we had a great time, warm weather and all that a tropical vacation should be.  Did some swimming, shopping, diving and took in a Mexican Fiesta.  Turned in our time share for actual ownership in a two bedroom unit.  Still at the Grand Mayan resort with all the fabulous pools and service though.  We just love it, our Double suite has it all including a dip pool and hammock on the deck.  Find me on facebook and see the pictures. 

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Lyle and Kathryn owned and operated a Minnesota Resort for 11 years prior to building this unique home.  Together they designed, built and created all the unique features in this exquisite round home built in 2007.  They added the tree house in the spring of 2015.
This area is important to them as Kathryn grew up in these woods and so did her father and grandfather.

 Lyle owns a cabinet and construction Business.
 Living in the Chippewa is a dream come true as both enjoy the lake and woods and all the activities they provide.  Both love to hunt & fish and take pride in the home and property.  Kathryn has a variety of gardens and really loves the out doors and tending to them.  Another passion is caring for and grooming the ski trails, it takes a lot of hard work but is well worth the time spent.  If the temperature is above 0 Kathryn can be found on her ski trails everyday in the winter. Caring for every aspect of the property is what drives her and puts her in her element.